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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yelp Sues Revpley, Revleap and Yelp Director

Yelp is suing the operators of Yelp Director, a company that is accused of manipulating Yelp content with fake reviews. Yelp Director also does business under the names Revpley and Revleap.

Yelp claims Yelp Director undermines its integrity by allowing restaurants to post fake positive reviews and bury negative ones, and accuses Yelp accuses the Yelp Director of "trademark infringement, unfair competition, cybersquatting, contract interference" and a "state-level claim of false advertising."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

All About Arlington & Arlington Heights Around the World

Developing ...

Arlington National Cemetery

United States
Arlington, Alabama
Arlington, Arizona
Arlington, California
Arlington, Colorado
Arlington, Jacksonville, FL
Arlington, Georgia
Arlington, Illinois

Arlington, Indiana
Arlington, Iowa
Arlington, Kansas
Arlington, Kentucky
Arlington, Baltimore, Maryland

Arlington, Massachusetts

Arlington Township, Michigan
Arlington, Minnesota
Arlington, Missouri
Arlington, Nebraska
Arlington, New York
Arlington, Staten Island, a neighborhood in Staten Island, New York
Arlington, North Carolina
Arlington, Ohio
Arlington, Oregon
Arlington (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania
Arlington, South Dakota
Arlington, Tennessee

Arlington, Texas
Arlington, Virginia
Arlington, Vermont
Arlington, Washington

Arlington, Harrison County, West Virginia
Arlington, Upshur County, West Virginia
Arlington (town), Wisconsin
Arlington, Wisconsin

Arlington County, VA

Arlington Heights, CA
Arlington Heights, Fort Worth, TX
Arlington Heights, Illinois
Arlington Heights, Los Angeles, CA
Arlington Heights, Massachusetts
Arlington Heights, Milwaukee, WI
Arlington Heights, Ohio
Arlington Heights, Pennsylvania
Arlington Heights, Pittsburgh, PA
Arlington Heights, Washington


Arlington High School (Riverside, California)
Arlington High School (Arlington Heights, Illinois)
Arlington High School (Indianapolis), Indiana
Arlington High School (Arlington, Massachusetts)
Arlington Senior High School, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Arlington High School (Nebraska)
Arlington High School (LaGrange, New York)
Arlington High School (Arlington, Ohio)
Arlington High School (Oregon)
Arlington High School (Arlington, Tennessee)
Arlington High School (Arlington, Texas)
Arlington High School (Arlington, Washington)